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Austin Moon and Ally Dawson

Relationship Status:

Best/Close Friends,
Music Partners,

Auslly is the romantic/friendship pairing of Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. This is the most supported couple on the show. In the episode Chapters & Choices they kiss. They starting officially dating in the episode Partners & Parachutes, but in the episode Careers Couples & Careers they break up. They kiss again in Reel Life & Real Life. It is highly possible they will get back together in Season 3.

Auslly MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit


Rockers & WritersEdit

  • Austin feels sorry for stealing Ally's song and wants to make it up to her.
  • Austin and Ally almost hug each other twice.
  • Austin and Ally's dads both told them the same thing about music.
  • Ally feels bad for Austin, so she decides to help him with his song.
  • Austin and Ally high five each other.
  • Austin was spinning Ally, Ally was in his arms for a short moment
  • When Austin and Ally are working on writing Break Down The Walls, they share a moment when they are playing the piano together.
  • Austin tries to help Ally get over her fear of stage fright.
  • When Ally is nervous to play the piano for Austin on The Helen Show, Austin tells her she'll do great and winks at her.
  • When Austin tries to make Ally more fun by setting up strobe light everywhere, he grabs her hand and spins her towards her. For a moment she was pressed against his chest.
  • Austin and Ally join forces and make music videos together: Ally writes the songs and Austin stars in the videos.
  • When trying to convince Ally to become his partner, Austin says they're a perfect match.
  • They stay up all night with each other.
  • They played the piano together, and smiled.
  • Austin said "We're on a date!" during the "funning up" scene-but listen closely!

(Austin says, "We're gonna dance," not, "We're on a date." Listen really close.)

Kangaroos & ChaosEdit

  • Austin and Ally glare at each other. Ally writes another song for Austin.
  • When Trish and Dez told Ally she needs to hurry up and write a song for Austin before people forget him, Austin defended her and told them to cut her some slack.
  • Ally told Austin she cares about his career.
  • Austin promised Ally he would watch the store while Ally was helping Trish.
  • Austin says he's an Ally Dawson fan.
  • Austin and Ally smile at each other while Austin's performing.
  • Ally doesn't want to hurt Austin's feelings by telling him that the people aren't really coming to see him.
  • Austin told Ally he was sorry he was rushing her about writing a new song.
  • Ally reassures Austin that she cares about his career.
  • During his performance Austin pointed and winked at Ally and she smiled back and gave him the thumbs up.

Secrets & SongbooksEdit

  • Austin becomes interested in Ally's book after Dez mentions her crushing on someone.
    Tumblr m0bbaewtqT1rodwt1o1 500-2
  • Ally crushes on a guy very similar to Austin.
  • Austin assumes Ally has a crush on him.
  • Ally told Austin that she thought they were close enough for her to tell him who she really had a crush on.
  • Austin tries to let Ally down easy, meaning he cares about her feelings and emotions.
  • After Austin found out the truth, Ally asked him why did he freak out so much when he thought she liked him.
  • Austin tells her that she has it all wrong because he thinks she's awesome but he doesn't want to ruin what they have and Ally agreed.
  • Austin sings a song and says that the song is for Ally.
  • When they clarified things with each other, Ally seemed sad because Austin was freaked out by Ally liking him.

Zaliens & Cloud WatchersEdit

  • Both Austin and Ally try to learn to get to know each other better.
  • Austin didn't want to tell Ally that he didn't like her song because he didn't want to hurt her feelings.
  • Austin was the swamp guy who marries the swamp bride which Ally dressed up as.
  • When Dez and Trish were bonding, Austin told Ally he wishes they were like that.
  • After Walter accused Ally for honking at him, Austin took the blame so she won't get in trouble.
  • During the song "Its Me and Its You" Austin put his arm around Ally.
  • When Ally was showing Austin their new song, they share a moment on the piano.
  • Austin grabbed Allys hand and scribbled all over her coloring book.
  • Ally called Austin her goose because he inspires her to write their songs.
  • Austin was the one to suggest hanging out more with Ally.

Bloggers & ButterfliesEdit

  • Ally was the first person Austin showed the videos that h8ter girl posted about him.
  • Ally tried to comfort Austin by telling him that h8ter girls website wasn't popular.
  • Ally was willing to face her fear to save Austin's career.
  • Austin didn't want to see Ally suffer so he sang the butterfly song for her.
  • There were a lot of moments in this episode where it shows how much Austin and Ally care for each other.
  • Austin tried helping Ally with facing her fear.
  • Austin wanted to know why Ally had stage fright but she performed The Butterfly Song in Kindergarden.
  • Ally thought it was sweet that Austin cared about here stage fright and said he would be the first person she told about it.
  • Before Ally went up to perform Austin tried to get her to relax by telling her she was going to do great.
  • Ally let Austin have her dolphin stuffed animal Dougie.

Tickets & Trashbags
Auslly 3

  • Austin holding a picture of Ally that he brought with him to the award show. When Dez and Austin told Ally and Nelson to get off the piano, Austin helped Ally off.
  • After Austin does his red carpet walk he looks at Ally may be trying to impress her.
  • After Ally does her red carpet walk she looks at Austin and when he tells her she should walk in from the side entrance she playfully hits him on the shoulder and roles her eyes.
  • Ally told Austin if they were going together they should probably match.
  • Austin looked shocked and happy when Ally hugged him.
  • Austin had a picture of Ally when he was backstage of the award show.
  • Austin looked worried when Ally fell out of the garbage.
  • During Austin's performance Ally kept trying to apoligize to Austin meaning she was the one who cared the most about Austin's performance.
  • Austin excepted Ally's apology immediately in the end and they all fist pumped.

Managers & MeatballsEdit

  • While Austin and Ally were writing the song, they kept smiling at each other.
  • Austin admitted to Ally that he thought Trish wasn't a good manager when he could of told Dez his best friend.
  • Before Trish walked into the practice room, Austin and Ally were there alone meaning they spend a lot of time together.
  • Ally tried to comfort Austin when he felt bad about Dez getting fired.
  • Ally was happy for Austin even after she got fired.
  • Austin apologized to Ally when she got fired but didn't to the others.
  • When Austin was telling the gang he didn't want to be famous without his friends, he was looking mostly towards Ally.
  • Austin had his hands up before Ally walked towards him for the hug.
  • Ally kept her hands around Austin the whole time.

Club Owners and QuinceanerasEdit

  • Austin wants Ally to check out his new moves for Trish's quinceaneras.
  • Austin teaches Ally how to dance.
  • Ally feels terrible after Austin's ankle gets sprained while trying to teach her to dance.
  • Austin still tries to help Ally learn how to dance even when his ankle is sprained.
  • Austin encourages Ally to have confidence to ask Dallas to dance.
  • Austin tells Ally that she is awesome after Dallas rejects her dance.
  • Austin jeapordizes his chance at singing at Emilio's club and slow dances with Ally instead since she didn't get a dance with Dallas.
  • Austin calls Ally his best friend when he dances with her.
  • Austin and Ally got closer in this episode.
  • Austin said Ally's is the coolest girl in the room.

Deejays & Demos Edit

  • They hugged.
  • Austin wanted the world to see how talented Ally is.
  • Austin helps Ally get recognize by putting her on the radio.
  • Ally called Austin "a nice guy".
  • Austin tries to get rid of Ally's stage fright.
  • Austin said Ally is awesome.
  • Austin said Ally's the best song writer he know.
  • Austin blushed when Ally said he's a nice guy.
  • They sit really close together.
  • Austin thinks Ally is a great singer.
  • When Miami Mack asked who taught Ally how to play piano Trish was supposed to answer but Austin answered for her since she didnt know which means that Austin knows more about Ally then Trish does.

World Records & Work WreckerEdit

  • Austin offered to help Ally bring the boxes upstairs after she said Dallas was a horrible employee.
  • Austin agreed with Ally when she said his and Dez's competition was ruining their friendship.
  • While Ally and Dallas were talking about how her job is the worst, Austin was in the back with Dez staring at them.
  • In the beginning, only Trish and Dez were trying to get Ally to talk to Dallas while Austin showed no sign of wanting to help.
  • They both wear the Auslly color (red) alot throughout the episode
  • Austin acknowledged that Ally was right when she said that himself and Dez, are best friends, and shouldn't fight!.

Songwriting & StarfishEdit

  • When Ally said she was missing her best friend, Austin looked at her hopefully.
  • Austin stood near Ally in the freezer alot, and vice versa.
  • Austin seemed extremely happy when Ally thought of a good time at the beach.
  • Austin wanted to make sure Ally would have a good time at the beach.
  • The song, "Heard it on the Radio" had some lines in the verses that sounded like love lines. Austin and Ally
    wrote this song together, meaning that they probably show some attraction to eachother. (Yea!)
  • Ally did Austin's idea of eating icecream almost immediately after he said it.
  • Austin and Ally were in the practice room at night together, meaning that they spend A lot of time together.
  • Austin sat by Ally and Ally sat by Austin when they were being confronted by the policeman.
  • Austin and Ally sat really close to each other on the piano bench.
  • Austin helped Ally when she couldn't get her chair to open at the beach.

Soups & StarsEdit

  • Austin tried making Ally feel better when MAdded by AusllyLoverNs. Suzy chose his song for the commercial.
  • When Ally told Austin to go ahead and toot the horn (her hand) after announcing she had 5,000 followers on tweeters, Austin started smiling.
  • Austin was happy that she had a lot of followers.
  • When Ally fell in the bowl of soup, Austin looked scared for her and tried to run towards her, but Trish was in the way.
  • Ally told Austin that his whole life is like a gold star.
  • Austin was happy when Ally finally got her first gold star.
  • Austin called Ally, Ally-gator.
  • When Austin told Ally that the tweeter train left two years ago and left her there, Ally playfully rolled her eyes.
  • Austin and Ally were seen looking and standing next to each other a lot.
  • Austin, along with Trish, went along with Ally's old time commercial.

Burglaries & BoobytrapsEdit

  • Austin took the new guitar from Ally's store to have it signed by Bruno Mars and gave it to Ally.
  • Austin gave Ally a notebook where she can list times when they can work.
  • Austin quoted, "From now on, it's Austin & Ally time".

myTAB & My Pet:Edit

  • Austin offers to stay in line to hold Ally's spot while she goes to watch the store.
  • Austin has Ally's phone number.
  • Austin taps Ally's nose and she smiles at him.
  • Austin freaks out the most when Owen escapes.
  • Austin shows his muscles off to Ally and winks at her when the show returns from commercial & changes scenes.
  • Austin tries to help Ally up when she falls into the popcorn but she helps herself up.
  • Austin didn't want to disappoint Ally.
  • When a teen tells Ally to get out of her way and get back, Austin looked worried.
  • When Dez made fun of her in the beginning of the episode, he was the only one who didn't laugh.

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking:Edit

  • Austin only told Ally his biggest fear, not even telling Dez, although Dez already figured it out
  • Ally only told Austin about the cause of her stage fright.
  • Ally tried to help Austin get rid of his fear.
  • Austin seemed awed at how well Ally could play the piano.
  • When they were playing the piano Ally puts her head on Austin sholder and Austin doesn't seem to mind.
  • Austin thanks Ally for helping him realize how silly his fear was.
  • Ally covers for Austin, when Dez asks them about Austin's secret.
  • Ally puts her hand on Austin's arm and doesn't pull away; when she's pushing him towards the patio umbrella in the mall.
  • When Dez brings out the umbrella, Ally cuts in front of Austin to comfort him.
  • Ally looked worried when Austin's pants ripped off and started covering her eyes, showing that she doesn't want to see Austin embarrassed like that.
  • Austin rests his arm on Ally's shoulder when he sees about 20 more umbrellas on the set.
  • Ally smiles at Austin when he says, "I'm not scared of you Claws; I'm not scared of anything." (whoever posted this paid no attention at all. she smiled at him because she was glad he conquered his fear! News flash: friends are happy for each other too, not just crushes.)
  • To make sure he didn't feel bad Ally told Austin that she was afraid of umbrellas too but he figured out that she was lying.

Diners & Daters:Edit

  • Ally suggests dessert, to help Austin feel better, when Cassidy rejects going out with him.
  • Ally seems really sad when she couldn't write a good song for Austin.
  • Ally also wants to know why Cassidy said no to Austin; which proves she cares about him.
  • Austin apologized to Ally, after blaming her for the whole fiasco, and being a jerk.
  • When Austin came to apologize, she seemed eager to hear what he had to say.
  • Ally looked really hurt when Austin blamed her for making Cassidy not want to go out with him.
  • After Austin blamed Ally, he tried to apologize, but she had already left the restaurant.
  • Austin liked it when Ally danced all goofy and suggests they 'dance it out'. So they both goofily dance together.
  • When Austin was talking to Cassidy, he listed off their similarities (both in love with music, both in high school) and it was the exact same similarities between him and Ally.

Everglades & Ally-Gators:Edit

  • Austin high-fived only Ally when he came out to perform.
  • Austin looked at Ally and sang the lyrics, "It's all I ever wanted"
  • Austin put his arm on Ally's shoulder and she didn't seem to mind at all, even though she knew she was on live TV.
  • Austin tried to calm Ally down when she saw the spider.
  • When Ally said "It's time to get this party started" Austin was happy that Ally is having fun, copying her phrase.
  • When Austin was presenting the song, he said he loves to spend his summer with his friends and he moved very close to Ally.

Successes & Setbacks:Edit

  • Ally pushes Austin to do his best to make sure the demo is perfect.
  • They hugged in the food court, while they hugged Austin smiled.
  • They hugged again in the practice room when Austin came back.
  • Austin told Ally he couldn't imagine not being able to sing her songs.
  • Ally gives Austin soup to make him feel better.
  • Ally (and Dez) give Austin presents.Ally said she couldn't wait for Austin to come back when the procedure is done.
  • Ally puts on Austin's crown and calls herself "Princess Ally". Before that Austin was a "Prince".
  • Ally was worried about Austin.
  • Austin pulled Ally slightly closer to him when they hugged the first time.

Albums & Auditions:Edit

  • They hugged twice. (One was a group hug)
  • Austin perfomed Can't Do It Without You (Acoustic Version) for Ally.
  • Austin wanted to help Ally get into the music school.
  • Austin was sad when Ally wanted to go to the school.
  • Austin tells the people in the party that tonight was supposed to be about him, but its also a going away party for Ally.
  • When Austin finished singing the song of Illusion,he was very close to Ally and put his arm on her shoulder.
  • When Austin sings Illusion he is mainly singing in Ally's direction and he mentions " I promise I won't disappear, I'll be right here" and then appears near her at the end of the song, implying she's the girl he's singing about.
  • When Ally said that she will stay, Austin was happy.
  • After Austin sang the rest of Ally's goodbye song, he did not talk until she went to him and asked how he felt, which shows that he probably was too shocked and sad to speak.
  • The goodbye video mainly had moments between Austin and Ally.
  • Austin, Ally, and Trish stopped hugging and Austin still had his arm around Ally, until Dez came back.

Season 2:Edit

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Costumes & Courage:

  • He confided in her about being scared to perform in front of all the celebrities.
  • He apologized for scaring Ally in the practice room.
  • They had a handshake, involving winking and high-fiving.
  • Ally said they went to the water park together, and said he helped her when she was scared of the big slide.
  • Austin said "That's not nice" when Dez said to Ally she will never be like Galaxus Nova: confident and fearless.
  • Austin seemed jealous when Ally said she was meeting someone for lunch.
  • Austin felt really bad about calling Ally an "evil gutless rat".
  • When Ally and Trish came to the party, Austin looked them up and down and said they looked great.
  • When Ally went on stage to perform, Austin smiled.
  • They were flirtatiously looking at each other and smiling during the entire duet.
  • They hugged at the end of their duet.
  • Ally smiled when the two hugged.
  • At the end, Austin was really thrilled about Ally performing with him, and says he hopes she'll be able to sing with him again.

Backups & Breakups:Edit

  • When Ally mentioned that Trish and Dez would feel weird if her and Austin were dating, Austin gave her a nervous smile, and said "If we were dating? Weird.." and then pictured it.
  • Both of them pictured if they were dating, and they both had a smile on their faces.
  • They looked at each other and nervously said "Weird.." before leaving rather quickly.
  • When Trent challenged Austin to a dance-off, Ally gave him a knowing look and told him he didn't have to prove anything to Trent.
  • Austin agreed with Ally and hopped off stage.
  • Ally was cheering Austin on when he was dancing.
  • When Austin got off the stage, he put his arm around Ally and hugged her.
  • Austin seemed embarrased when Dez brought up that he cried at a romance movie in front of Ally.
  • Austin hugged Ally after he danced.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff:Edit

  • Austin calls Ally a wise women.
  • Ally was impressed when Austin did kung fu on the wood.
  • Austin says that Ally is more important to him than getting on the cover of the magazine (Cheetah Beat).
  • Austin says he'd rather lose the magazine cover than to see Ally so scared.
  • They hold hands when they jump off the bridge.
  • When Ally said she needed to think about it for a while before they bungee jumped, Austin tells her to take all the time she needs.
  • Austin said she didn't have to go through this trouble of bungee jumping.
  • Ally turned down Austin's offers to call off the bungee jumping.
  • Ally said that Austin is sweet.
  • Austin was the one who wanted to hold hands when they jumped "Hold my hand, we'll jump together".
  • Ally hesitated and smiled before holding Austin's hand.
  • They bungee jumped together.
  • Austin was comforting Ally about bungee jumping.

Parents & Punishments:Edit

  • Austin and Ally hug each other twice
  • Austin snuck out to help Ally.
  • Ally was concerned about Austin's low grades.
  • After Ally asked Austin to perform for her fundraiser, he said "I'd do anything to help you," in a meaningful voice.
  • Austin really wanted to help Ally so she wouldn't get in trouble.
  • Austin said to Ally "I couldn't let you down," to which Ally replied by saying "Aww."
  • When getting confronted about having snuck out for the fundraiser, Austin replied that he had to help Ally.
  • When Megan told Trish, Austin and Dez to describe Ally in 1 word, Austin said 'talented'.
  • Austin and Ally were the only ones that were sitting to eachother.
  • They were sitting very closely next to each other.

Crybabies & Cologne:Edit

  • When Austin is singing, Ally is watching him with a big smile.
  • When Austin sings: "Girl you got it too." He looks and points at Ally.
  • After Austin finishes singing he says, "Wow, another great song Ally" and then he says that she is the best song writer in the business.
  • When Trent asks Ally to write him a song Austin looks kind of jealous and tells him: "Buh Bye!"
  • Austin says that when he stole her song it was an accident and he looks offended.
  • Ally said that she was glad that she forgave Austin because it turned out awesome.
  • When they watch Trent's video, they are standing next to each other.
  • Austin says that Ally can always trust him.
  • After Ally says: "Can I Austin?! Can I?" Austin looks kind of taken aback but he gives a small nod. And then Ally puts her hands up in a kind of "sorry" gesture.

Big Dreams & Big Apples:Edit

  • They hug (group hug) twice.
  • Ally moves to sit next to Austin on the plane.
  • On the plane to New York, Austin discusses finally achieving his dream with Ally and confesses that he's a bit nervous when she says there will be billions of people watching him.
  • Austin asks Ally "Is this really happening?" when his dream is about come true, Ally assures him that everything is real.
  • Austin and Ally sit close together on the helicopter.
  • After Austin's performance,Ally was the very first one to rush to Austin and hug him followed by the others.
  • When Team Austin hugged after Austin's performance,Austin kept one arm around Ally and the other arm to hug Trish and Dez.
  • Ally tears up at Austin's performance.
  • When Emma called dibs on Austin's toe, and glared at Ally as if she knew there was something going on between them.
  • Austin says that the best part is living my dream with my friends, and he was looking directly at Ally.
  • Austin and Ally sat right next to each other when Emma was explaining the ratio to them, even though there was much more space on the couch.
  • She told the kid to zip it when he thought Austin was a poser.
  • When Trish was counting the money Emma gave her, Austin and Ally were looking over the city together.
  • Trish wanted Ally to break the news to Austin that he wasn't going to New York because she believed Austin will take the news better if it was coming from Ally.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath:Edit

  • Austin said it was a good idea that Dez made her the wardrobe girl, even though his clothes were on weirdly.
  • Austin looked concerned when Ally was stuck in the plastic ball with Kira.
  • When Ally was stuck in the plastic ball, her hand was on the ball and on the outside, Austin's hand was on the exact same place as her hand. Basically, their palms were touching through the plastic ball.
  • When Austin saw Ally in the hamster ball with Kira, he said. "Hold on Ally!" really worried.
  • When Austin suggested to try and get rid of Kira by making her disgusted by him, Ally made a confused face, implying that she doesn't see how he can be disgusting.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends:Edit

  • Ally says that Austin is funny, talented, an awesome dancer, can count to ten in Spanish, and has amazing hair, as if she had a crush on him.
  • Kira thinks that they like each other.
  • Trish says that Austin and Ally have a special relationship.
  • Dez says in an aww voice "Austin's Ally's secret admirer."
  • Austin sends the flowers with the message "There's no way I could make it without you."
  • Ally hugs Austin.
  • They go on a practice date together.
  • They are sitting together on the rug.
  • They are holding each other and cuddling.
  • Austin gets inspired by Ally and her necklace to get Kira a necklace just like Ally's.
  • Austin puts his arm around Ally.
  • When Ally says "She'll nussel up, feeling butterflies" and Austin says "my heart will be beating out of my chest" it looks like what they're saying is really happening.
  • They both say 'it'll be perfect' then look at each other dreamily.
  • They cuddle for a really long time, and only stop when Dez comes in.
  • Ally admits that she has a crush on Austin, telling Trish "I like Austin."
  • Ally is hesitant to tell Austin her feelings for him in fear of ruining their friendship and partnership.
  • Trish calls Austin Ally's "boy of her dreams." Ally doesn't doubt it.
  • Ally punches Austin's shoulder in a playful way and says "pal" rather unconvincingly and awkwardly.
  • When Austin was leaving, Ally was fake laughing, the same laugh she had when she liked Dallas.
  • When Ally said Austin has amazing hair, she actually stroked his hair.
  • Ally tried to save Austin and Kira's date, even though she likes him.
  • At the end of the episode, Ally puts the card that Austin gave her in her book.

Campers & Complications:Edit

  • When Elliot comes to Sonic Boom, Austin says, "that's Ally's friend," as if he's jealous.
  • Austin tries to impress Ally, with his creative skills.
  • Austin got overly defensive when Trish suggested he might be jealous of Ally and Elliot.
  • Austin gets jealous of Ally's friendship with Elliot.
  • When Ally and Elliot are talking about how much fun they had, Austin says, "Well, I bet your fun back then wasn't any more fun than our fun back now"
  • Austin admits to Dez that he likes Ally.
  • Austin said, "I like writing songs with her. I like how i can talk to her about anything...and I like her smile and the way she laughs."
  • Austin and Ally start to lean in to kiss.
  • When they're at the piano, they're sitting very close to each other.
  • When Austin heard that Ally and Elliot were basket weaving, he attempted to weave his own basket.
  • Austin says he gets an 'awesome feeling' when he and Ally accidentally touch hands at the piano. A feeling he doesn't get with anyone including Kira.
  • Dez thinks Austin is in love with Ally.
  • Austin acts slightly awkward when seeing Ally with Elliot, and he only acts awkward around someone that he likes.
  • As Ally plays the piano, Austin continues to look at her.
  • Elliot and Austin have a battle and Austin is doing it for Ally.

Chapters & Choices:Edit

  • They are practicing a new song.
  • When Ally says the next line of the song is ("If you want a friend") Austin sounded nervous saying "Right friend."
  • After Austin sounding nervous, Ally starts sounding nervous.
  • Ally says if they want to change the line and use a "stronger word."
  • They both tried to listen what each other was talking about.
  • When Austin and Ally are talking at the piano, if you replace when they say "song" with another word (ex: relationship) you can tell they are talking about themselves.
  • Austin and Ally kiss.    
  • Austin and Ally hug 3 times.
  • The first time they hugged in this episode, they were super close and kept swaying back and forth and awkwardly pulled away.
  • Penny (Ally's mom) gave a knowingly face when they awkwardly pulled away.
  • Penny asked Ally if anything was going on between her and Austin.
  • Austin suggested he and Ally sing a duet together.
  • Ally looked really hurt when Kira came and told Austin she will be his girlfriend and hugged him.
  • Austin also felt really bad when Kira came and hugged him and hurt Ally.
  • When they turned to each other during the performance, it looks as if they were about to kiss on stage when the song was over.
  • Austin and Ally held hands while leaving the practice room.
  • When Kira hugged Austin, Austin didn't hug back.
  • Austin looked disapointed that Kira would be his girlfriend.
  • Austin was possibly disappointed because he truly likes/loves Ally.
  • Austin pets Ally while talking about how far she's come along, and for a second, Ally smiles at it.
  • Right before Austin starts to pet Ally,he gives her a dreamy smile.
  • After Ally thanks Austin, she jokingly pets him and he laughs.
  • Ally looked really hurt when she overheard Austin telling Dez he wanted to be

with Kira.

  • Ally looked really shocked and relieved when Austin kissed her, proving he loves Ally more.
  • When Ally was singing the line of the song "You can come to me" she smiled at Austin and made a knowingly face.
  • They got lost in each others' eyes during the performance and realized they were still on stage so they looked away.
  • Austin told Ally about the first time they worked on a song together.
  • Austin told Ally he was proud of her.
  • Ally said they came a long way.
  • Austin said Ally came a long way.
  • Dez was wearing a 'Team Ally' T-shirt.
  • Dez said Austin and Ally were perfect for each other.
  • They had a difficult time hugging because Austin's guitar was in the way, but they tried about 2 times, meaning they really wanted to hug each other.
  • When Ally left before the song, Austin tolled her dad he was not going to sing without Ally.

Partners & Parachutes:Edit

  • Ally admits Austin was her first kiss.
  • Austin was upset when Ally didn't want to write a song later. He then wished she wasn't so over him.
  • Austin wanted to give Ally a gift.
  • Austin got Ally a piano, and wanted to make it special, by dropping it down on a parachute.
  • After the piano falls, Austin looks down at the mess and says "Ally I'm really sorry" and then walks away with his head hung down.
  • Austin serenades Ally.
  • Austin says that he and Ally are an official couple.
  • Austin and Ally hug.
  • Austin sang the song that Ally wrote about him.
  • Austin got happy when he figured out that Ally liked him for a long time.
  • Austin pulls Ally close and puts his arm around her.
  • Austin was happy when Ally kept the note he gave her in Girlfriends & Girl Friends.
  • Austin and Ally start dating in this episode.
  • They agree that the kiss was good. Really good. Magical even.
  • Austin corrected Ally saying that their kiss was really good.
  • Austin tries to break up with Kira to be with Ally.
  • Austin seemed to have his mind on Ally A LOT in this episode.
  • After Austin left the party when the piano fell, Dez found him in the practice room at the piano with his head hanging down,probably thinking about have awful he felt.
  • Austin said that Allys song about him was "Amazing".
  • Austin thought Ally hated him for what he did.
  • Austin said he will never forget the first time he and Ally wrote there first song together, meaning that is a special memory to him.
  • Ally’s song about Austin probably reminded him about his feelings for her, an d that’s why he knew to sing it to her.
  • Ally looked like she couldn't believe what Austin was doing when he was singing to her, she had a smile on her face the entire time.
  • In the lines, "how long till I stop pretending", it might refer to how Austin and Ally kept their feelings inside for the longest time and pretended like nothing was going on inside.
  • Everyone in the Sonic Boom seemed "awed" at the fact that Austin was singing to Ally.
  • When Austin was done singing to Ally, she tried to say something, but he stopped her by putting his finger
  • on her mouth and saying, "Just come here" refurring to them hugging.
  • Megan said she was FA-reaking, about what Austin just did for Ally.
  • Austin and Ally posed for Megan while they were hugging to get there pictures taken.
  • They held each other until the scene changed.
  • When Trish walked in the Sonic Boom with the magazine, Austin and Ally were already there alone spending time together.
  • Austin and Ally were happy they were on the cover of Cheetah Beat.

Couples & CareersEdit

  • Austin was helping Ally to play Clarinet Golf and was behind her, touching her hands.
  • Austin said she was great at Clarinet Golf and wanted to take her to dinner to celebrate.
  • Ally said Austin's full name.
  • Ally said she will never tell Austin her middle name.
  • Ally said she accepts the date
  • Austin breaks the awkward silence by saying "Our first official date".
  • It's awkward at their date and Austin sees another couple feeding each other so he tries to feed Ally but accidentally smeared it all over her face when his chair gets levitated and said sorry 3 times.
  • They break up, but hint that they will get back together when they're both ready.
  • They both really want to make the relationship work.
  • They booped each others' noses while saying a cute nickname and said sorry afterwards.
  • They hug.
  • When they were talking about Butch and Bitey, they were really talking about their relationship.
  • Ally told Austin to not let go, while he was still hugging her and she gripped on tighter.
  • Austin said he wasn't going to.
  • Ally asked Austin if the hug was just as friends.
  • Ally accidentally smacks Austin's head while trying to high five.
  • They were both too focused on trying to compromise with each other, they didn't listen to the song until later on.
  • Austin said it's ok if Ally thinks he's childish.
  • Ally said she doesn't think Austin's childish.
  • Austin doesn't think Ally is weak.
  • They both kept shaking Bitey.
  • Ally looked upset when Austin said "Maybe Butch and Bitey should just go back to being friends".
  • There was a reference to Rockers & Writers when they tried to hug/handshake.
  • They were both afraid to hurt each others' feelings.
  • Austin called Ally "My little goose-pickle" because he knows Ally loves Pickles the Goose and pickles.
  • Austin said he's just trying to be a gentleman.
  • Austin called Ally, lady.
  • Ally said she can order for herself but she said she appreciates what Austin was trying to do.
  • There is also a reference to Zaliens & Cloud Watchers because both episodes show how opposites they are.
  • Trish said they're perfect for each other.
  • Ally said she was always afraid something like this would happen if her and Austin started dating.
  • Austin said they'll be friends and partners, always.
  • Ally told Austin not to let go when they hugged to stay friends for that time and Austin said that he was not going to.

Spas & SpicesEdit

  • Austin said that Ally deserved to relax at the spa.
  • Austin felt bad that he lost Ally's grandma's necklace.
  • Dez found Ally's necklace but Austin took it from him and put it around her neck.
  • Austin has already met both of Ally's grandmothers
  • Austin was the only one willing to help Ally pick up her necklace for her photoshoot of magazine cover.
  • Austin (and Trish) helped Ally with poses to do at the magazine shoot.
  • Austin didn't like the combination pose Ally did.
  • Austin likes Ally's grandmother who the makes cookies instead of the one who's boring and smells like cabbage.
  • Austin was upset that Ally lied about her grandmother making cookies, and instead, smelled like cabbage.
  • Austin still thought Ally was pretty even though she looked terrible.
  • Ally smiled at Austin when he showed her how to pose.

Solos & Stray KittiesEdit

  • Austin helps Ally in her audition.
  • Austin felt sorry that Ally was not signed to Starr Records .
  • Austin felt proud that Ally is already standing in her own.
  • Austin put both his hands on Ally's shoulders.
  • Ally told Austin he owes her $300.
  • Ally says it's not a good idea for her and Austin to compete for Jimmy's attention, probably because she cares about Austin and doesn't want to start a rivalry.
  • There were Austin and Ally cardboard cut-outs.
  • In the cardboard cut-outs, Austin had his arm around Ally and Ally had her arm around his waist..
  • When Ally tried to pick up the ripped up contract, Austin said "Ally!"
  • Ally told Austin she's leaving the "Stray Kitties".
  • Austin was acting like a supportive boyfriend.
  • Austin and Ally were walking alone together when they got to the Sonic Boom for the first Team Austin and Team Ally meeting.

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